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Alice in Wonderland







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                                   Considered by many to be the greatest Surrealist and  
                                                    Dadaist book ever written, Alice in Wonderland has always 
                                                    had a special place in Barooshian's soul.  Since the 1950s, 
                                                    Barooshian has been creating his own compelling visual 
                                                    interpretations of Alice in oils and graphics.  The paintings 
                                                    culminated in a series of very large scale allegorical works
                                                    in an elegant biomorphic style.  At the request of the Lewis
                                                    Carroll Society, Barooshian produced a portfolio of nine
   intaglio etchings, each interpreting a chapter or two from Alice.  "The results are far more  
   more than illustrative, as Barooshian has stylishly translated Carrolls's masterpiece of 
   fantasy into his own personal visual language," writes William Carl.










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